Ultimate Family Pack


Get all four Southern BBQ Spice with many different seasonings.

“Mama’s Rub” is a Mild Southern BBQ Spice.

“Hot Mama’s Rub”  just like the original Mama’s Rub but with a little kick!! Not to Hot and and Not to Mild…  Just Right.

“Sexxxy Mama’s Rub” is not for the faint of heart…  A Extremely Hot and Sweet Southern BBQ Seasoning.

“Competition Blend” we took Mama’s original mild southern BBQ seasoning and combined southern links BBQ Co. using their steak and brisket blend. Mama said “This mix is the bomb” so it’s our competition blend angled for beef but great on anything.

3-10.9 ounce bottles
Serving Size – 2g/ 82 servings per bottle

Get 3 Bags that weight 2.5 ibs.

  1. Mama Rub OG
  2. Fill the Heat
    50/50 Hot and Sexy
  3. Competition Blend


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